Maine Legislator Shares Anti-Obama Conspiracy Theories in Email

McClellan with Governor LePage

Rep. Mike McClellan, who represents Raymond, Frye Island and parts of Poland and Standish in the Maine House, seems to have bought in to some of the vicious conspiracy theories that have plagued President Barack Obama throughout his time in office and is willing to repeat them in public.

Here’s part of an email that McClellan sent to his constituent email list in September:

“+On the D’s side, I heard someone discuss our president recently. (There is certainly a lot we do not know about him but…) He shared how President Obama was born of a mixed marriage, his parents met in a Russian language class as they each were large proponents of communisum, he lived many years in a 3rd world country listening to people who did not value the American system, he intereacted with known terrorists in his growing years, was both a user and drug dealer, attended a church where the pastor is best know for damning America (probably missing a few here) and was elected a Senator and then President of the United States. Having lived this life, the President, this same person often speaks to how there is a lack of opportunity in America.”

I’m not sure where the false drug dealing allegation comes from, or the claim that Obama interacted with terrorists in his “growing years,” but the idea that his parents were communists seems to originate in an absolutely crazy and discredited movie that has been circulating in swing states. It makes the claim that Obama’s father wasn’t really his father and that the President is actually the son of labor activist Frank Marshall Davis.

Mike Tipping

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