LePage’s New Cooperative Attitude Didn’t Last Long

The media noticed Governor LePage’s address at York County Community College on Friday mostly for his statement that “If you want a good education go to an academy. If you want a good education go to private schools. If you can’t afford it, tough luck.”

But other comments the governor made at the “Eggs and Issues” event may give us more insight into the next two years in Augusta. They also put lie to the statement LePage released after the Democrats’ legislative victory last week where he said that “we must come together to find solutions,” and “I stand ready to work with those who will put Mainers first and won’t allow the political rhetoric to continue.”

LePage’s comments began, as many of his great quotes do, with the phrase “Uh oh, Adrienne is going to say ‘Oh no,’ but…” (Adrienne Bennet, LePage’s Press Secretary, apparently could not prevent him from continuing.)

He then used an Adlai Stevenson quote to accuse the Democrats of lying and launched into a diatribe on his view of political change.

“I am trying to agitate the citizens of Maine.  I’m not in this game to get reelected.  I don’t care about reelection.  I will tell you it’s the most corrupt vile system in America, is politics, because it’s all lies.  What it’s about is I’m trying to agitate you folks to say we’ve had enough of this crap. Let’s fix it.  And how do you fix it? One way: at the polls.”

So much for compromise.

Elsewhere during his remarks, LePage says that he’ll be proposing a new bill on education that he knows won’t pass and says that he’s “going to continue with the barrage for the next two years” on energy policy.

A newspaper headline last week asked “His legislative base voted out, will ‘street-fighter’ LePage adjust?” The answer so far appears to be “no.”

Mike Tipping

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