Maine State Representative posts anti-Muslim diatribe on Facebook

photo via Facebook

photo via Facebook

Representative John Picchioti, a Republican representing Fairfield, Mercer and Smithfield and serving on the Insurance and Financial Services Committee, today published an anti-Muslim rant as a public post on his personal Facebook page.

The post was noticed and a screenshot posted to Twitter by progressive activist Steven Biel.

The text, which an online search indicates came originally from a [warning, link goes to the website of a hate group] chain email circulating among white supremacists, reads in part “Have you ever been to a Muslim hospital, heard a Muslim orchestra, seen a Muslim band march in a parade, know of a Muslim charity, ever seen Muslims shaking hands with a Muslim Girl Scout, or ever seen a Muslim Candy Striper volunteering in a hospital? Have you ever seen a Muslim do much of anything that contributes positively to the American way of life?”

Maine Republican Senator Michael Willette resigned as chair of the Legislature’s State and Local Government Committee in March after it was revealed that he had a history of making similar anti-Muslim statements on social media.

After a Republican National Committee member made a similar statement last year based on the same chain email, the Detroit Free Press published this thoughtful column in response.

Update: It turns out this is far from the first time Picchiotti has made racist and anti-Muslim posts on Facebook.

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