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Maine already has one of the most restrictive referendum processes in the country

As the legislature considers potential new restrictions on Mainers’ ability to influence laws through direct democracy, it’s important to recognize that our state already has one of the most restrictive referendum systems in the country. It is far more difficult to gather signatures to place an initiated measure on the ballot in Maine than almost […]

It’s nearly impossible for pot and education funding referendums to be reversed by recounts

Opponents of both Questions 1, which legalizes marijuana for recreational use in Maine, and Question 2, which increasing taxes on the wealthy to fund K-12 education, formally submitted signatures yesterday to force statewide recounts of ballots cast on these initiatives. Under Maine law, the losing side of any race decided by less than 1.5% of […]

Maine 2016 election prediction results

Here’s how 60 self-selected participants think Maine’s elections go today. This is a completely unscientific measure, but the pool doesn’t have the worst track record of predicting results in recent cycles, in fact it has sometime been more accurate than the public polling. Here are the average results from what this group of politically-interested individuals […]