Christian Civic League claims God is defunding Maine Family Planning

Counter-protest messages from a Maine Family Planning sign-making party

Maine’s Christian Civic League – the group that brought us Prohibition and decades of anti-gay bigotry – sent out an email blast yesterday with the subject “Prayer defunds abortion in Maine.” They claim that because Maine Family Planning in Augusta raised less money this year during the organization’s “Pledge-A-Picketer” campaign ($5,360, compared to $10,014 last […]

MPBN investigation eviscerates Gov. LePage’s addiction policies


During the drive from my kids’ daycare to my office over the past three mornings, I’ve been treated to one of the best investigative reports I’ve ever heard from a Maine journalist. Maine Public Radio Deputy News Director Susan Sharon’s ongoing series “State of Withdrawal” examines Maine’s endemic opiate addiction problem, how it’s being addressed […]

LePage’s ridiculous corporate tax giveaway will face legislative scrutiny

BDN Photo

Yesterday, the Maine Legislature referred the tax conformity package proposed by Governor LePage to both the Appropriations and Taxation committees for further consideration and initial votes. There, it will face its first real scrutiny. As I explained in a recent column, the bill includes a ridiculous $6-$10 million tax giveaway to large, mostly out-of-state corporations […]

2014 in two stunning charts

(via The Economist)

In my most recent column, I took the opportunity of the new year to talk about two broad and seemingly contradictory trends in this country. You don’t need to read all that though, here’s the basic premise summed up in two charts: What you might call “social inequality” has decreased recently, a trend seen most […]

FairPoint strikers go caroling at executive’s house

St. John's Episcopal Church in Bangor on  Christmas Eve, 2013

As the strike by workers at FairPoint Communications heads into its tenth week, members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and Communications Workers of America (CWA) will visit the home of the company’s Maine President, Mike Reed, today to spread some Christmas cheer (or possibly deliver some lumps of coal). The workers announced […]