Maine Senate Republicans go all-out to protect wealthy from tax fairness

Senate President Mike Thibodeau, R-Winterport - Troy R. Bennett | BDN

There’s something very important to note in light of the Maine Senate Republicans’ proposed budget framework, which includes moving towards a constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds majority for income tax increases, and that’s this: The only increases in income tax rates (or closings of tax loopholes) that have been proposed, whether in the Democrats’ budget […]

Christian Civic League claims God is defunding Maine Family Planning

Counter-protest messages from a Maine Family Planning sign-making party

Maine’s Christian Civic League – the group that brought us Prohibition and decades of anti-gay bigotry – sent out an email blast yesterday with the subject “Prayer defunds abortion in Maine.” They claim that because Maine Family Planning in Augusta raised less money this year during the organization’s “Pledge-A-Picketer” campaign ($5,360, compared to $10,014 last […]